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How to use the ATR Forums

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How to use the ATR Forums:
The categorizing system is pretty simple. The main category is classified at the top. Under those will be consisting with the main category, these are called Sub-Topics.

Posting threads and messages:
Go into a Sub-Topic and click the button on the right that says "Post New".

Report post function:
To report a post that does not abide by the rules click this button and give the reason why you reported it. The button is located on the bottom right side of the post. a(n) Mod or Admin will look into it.
Report Post Button:
How to use the ATR Forums ReportFunction

The Chatbox:

To log in to the chatbox, (And it says Disconnected) click "Log in" to the right of the box. Simply type in a message to chat. Please see the Rules and Regulations below for this feature.

How to use the ATR Forums LoginCB2

Your Profile:
You also have your own profile which you can edit to your own needs. I'm pretty sure everyone can figure that out on their own.

Take a look around and get accustomed to it
- XxXTigerclawXxX

For the Rules and Regulations thread:

For more on how to use these forums check out:


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