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Halo 3 Strategies

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1Halo 3 Strategies Empty Halo 3 Strategies on Sun Nov 15, 2009 5:00 pm


This thread is for and Halo 3 strategies i.e. Campaign, Multiplayer maps, how-to's, and how to be a beast at sniping.

Have fun posting your strategies for other gamers to learn!




No going off topic.


Halo 3 Strategies Cooltext440282584

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2Halo 3 Strategies Empty Halo 3 legendary strategies on Thu Nov 19, 2009 1:47 pm

  • Make good use of checkpoints. If you need to, run around and die
    once to get a feel for where the enemies are and what course of action
    you need to take.

  • Be cautious once you know what to expect.
    Take it one enemy at a time if you can. Make good use of your grenades.
    If you have plasma or brute grenades, try to get a stick on one of the
    bigger enemies to take them right away. Some may require two, but it's
    much faster than picking away with a battle rifle.

  • Let your NPCs do some work for you. They're not exactly powerhouses
    and you can't let them do everything, or they'll just run out and get
    killed, but they can lay down some initial fire and draw the enemies to
    them, then you can pop out and get more shots off without taking damage.

  • Your shield recharges, make use of it. If you get hit once, more are sure to
    follow, so find some cover and recharge. The enemies will usually watch
    the area you went into cover, so if you can sneak around to another
    side from there, you can probably catch them off guard.

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3Halo 3 Strategies Empty Re: Halo 3 Strategies on Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:36 pm

If you are trying Legendary, you can put in a 2nd controller, keep him hidden safely near the back and when you die you can re-spawn without a checkpoint, then take it one enemy at a time you will make progress even if you aren't that good a player (like me Razz)

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